About Me in May 2021

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I’m rewriting the About Me section on my website to be more up-to-date with myself as of January 2022. My experiences make me who I am today, so I think it’s worthwhile to keep around my old thoughts. A text-based time machine, of sorts.

Hi! I just graduated from Johns Hopkins University with a B.S. in Computer Science. I like to explore a new topic every few months or so, which makes it difficult to give an overview of all my interests - but I’ll try my best! I hope to document and share some of them here.

Academically, distributed systems, operating systems, compiler design, and database design are of particular interest within computer science. My favorite electives outside of my major were mostly between linguistics and psychology courses. Another passion of mine is sharing knowledge with others - especially people with budding interests in my fields. During my undergrad, I spent multiple semesters as a course assistant for JHU’s introductory computer science course, as well as teaching one-on-one classes online.

Outside of school, I also enjoy creating various software as side projects, some of which are featured on this site and on GitHub. My favorite activities that don’t involve sitting in front of a screen include cooking, photography, and various physical activities such as hiking, dancing, dragon boat, and volleyball.

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